Ongoing Projects

The parent company of Threat Dice and producer of the upcoming storytelling/RPG, Trove! Kylen wears the hats of the publication designer, accountant, systems tester and many more, as you'd expect from a small three-person company!

The Threat Dice podcast, produced, recorded and hosted by Kylen (as of May 2020). Available on multiple podcast platforms, including (but not limited to): Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and more.

New episodes premiere every week on Fridays. Content includes: RPG discussions, author interviews, and more!

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Kylen's public GitHub repository, including two Roguelike projects (in Python & Rust) and other public code.

Github userid: GraySentinel

Kylen has published music to SoundCloud! All published work is CC-BY. For the love of music!!